I am using PLEX to stream my music. I am using only uncompressed FLAC format audio files for this purpose. Some of my produced FLAC files have a very high amount of distortion. Two days ago I noticed my set of tracks by Andrea Bocelli were nearly unlistenable due to the distortion. Yesterday it was my Ella Fitzgerald set. I have noticed this in other sets as well. I am certain there is a problem with the ripped files, but I am not sure what caused it. I am thinking some of you may have insights.

Some of my music I have ripped directly from CDs using dBpoweramp's CD Ripper app. Others I may have converted using dBpoweramp Music Comverter. I am not certain that the freshly ripped files are the ones showing excessive distortion. Two days ago I re-ripped the Andrea Bocelli tracks from the CDs and all was good, meaning no obvious distortion. This is using R15 that I purchased a few years ago.

I know that some of my music was ripped from the CDs into WAV format files. These rips were done maybe 10 years ago, and I am not sure what cd ripping application that I was using. I can say that I never noticed distortion on these ripped WAV files when I played them on my iBasso D90 DAP. In order to save time, I "converted" many of these WAV rips into uncompressed FLAC files using dBpoweramp Music Converter.

I am wondering what it the cause of the distortion. If it is the R15 version of the dBpoweramp CD Ripper app then I might have to re-rip nearly all of my music, then check it for quality. If it is the "conversion" process using dBpoweramp Music Converter, then it will be only the older stuff that might need to be re-ripped from the CDs.

By any chance does CD Ripper have times when it does not produce a quality output, perhaps because I have used it for a great many rips and the app somehow gets corrupted? If so, is there any reason to believe an upgrade to R17 will resolve the problem?

I am curious what the more knowledgeable people here think might be going on.

Please advise.