For the Music Converter in the

dBpoweramp Control Center > List / Options > Installed Decoders

the user can see the very same icons which the user sees when navigating through folders when using Windows Explorer or any other file-manager. An that is both logical and helpful

But below this section there is also the "Installed Encoders" sections. And in there the user sees different icons. Why? I myself would prefer to see the same icons as above - at least for obvious cases like FLAC or WavPack [with e.g. the Test Conversion left as it is]

This also goes for all of the other places within Music Converter; and the Video Converter as well. Just please make an option for the users to be able for the dBpoweramp software to switch it to using as much as possible of the user's operating system icons

Where do these "Installed Encoders" icons come from? Are they taken from the operating system or delivered with the software?

My Windows 10 is tweaked for showing separate icon for every audio format that I use. This way with a glance I know what I am watching / handling - thus constantly saving time and minimizing a chance for a mistake. I have one and the same icon for my 4 main and 4 additional audio formats but each with a different color - plus 1 additional color for all of the other not used thus not individualized formats - so right now dBpoweramp software is kind of breaking that modus operandi by not showing them to me everywhere

Do not get me wrong - I see how cleverly dBpoweramp was designed and I know why would the creators chose the icons for encoders by themselves. But that is precisely why I opt for an ability to change those icons [thus leaving the default display as it is]