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Thread: "Missing" icons in the shell menu of Music Converter

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    Feb 2021

    "Missing" icons in the shell menu of Music Converter


    I bet that this is not a bug but a conscious decision by the creators, so here goes my request:

    I propose adding icons for all those entries available in the shell sub-menu of "Quick Convert". It is good that this list is made in an alphabetical order- but at least for some users it would make their choices quicker if they could see the proper icons. And by proper I mean the system icons delivered from theirs association to pieces of software- the menu should look like the files look in e file explorer

    In other words: I wish that "Quick Convert" would show the same icons as in the "Installed Decoders" section of the "List / Options" button of dBpoweramp Control Center
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    Feb 2021

    Re: "Missing" icons in the shell menu of Music Converter

    Not everybody at one with all of that your vocalizing of support for that idea, please, calm down

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