[I have just made an inquiry about tweaking the shell menu with registry hacks https://forum.dbpoweramp.com/showthr...452*post204452, but I do not know how is it going to play out - plus a normal user should not have to revert to messing with the Registry. So here goes my request]

I propose adding a more detailed ability for adding and removing entries from the shell menu. It would be more productive for some of the users if they could add to their shell menu entries for converting to a particular format - and also be able to choose where those entries are to be located [top or bottom of the list]

Because right now a user who is for example working often but only with FLACs and WAVes has to navigate every time to the bottom of the entries added by various pieces of software, then click "Quick Convert" and then navigate further down to either "FLAC" or "Wave" and click again. And all those others formats are just wasting space for that user - if the user decides one day to use them then they are already accessible through the "Convert" entry and in via the the future cold be turned accessible "Quick Convert"

I have been using for the longest time NCH Switch Sound File Converter Plus and it had the ability to add "Convert to .flac using Switch" and "Convert to .wav using Switch" entries at the very top of the list [and that is the only thing that I miss from that software]