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Thread: Dynamic Naming problems - Windows 10 conflict?

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    Dynamic Naming problems - Windows 10 conflict?

    I'm new to the forum and a long term, non-technical user of dBPoweramp. I've recently installed a new Windows 10 PC and installed dBP v17, having previously used v15 on Windows 8.1. It's been some time since I've ripped CDs and I'm having a few issues, particularly with dynamic naming and metadata searches (I understand that the likes of Music Brainz have left dBP - a shame as this was a great feature).

    The problem with dynamic naming has started since the last Windows 10 update: despite selecting a naming filename and clicking OK, when a CD is ripped dBP does not recognise the filename. Instead, a message is shown during the rip that says 'not required for encoder'. I've used this filename for years and until now it has worked without issue.

    I suspect Windows has messed around with some settings as before the Windows update dBPoweramp would automatically open when a CD was inserted into the disc drive, but now dBP has to be manually selected after inserting a CD. In addition to this, a message appeared on the screen prompting me to 'take no action' or 'rip CD'. I assumed this was a Windows based message and selected 'take no action' - I've not seen this before from dBP.

    I have uninstalled Windows Groove Music in case it was the source of the problem, but to no avail.

    Can anyone give any advice on how to get dynamic naming working again? I've attached an image of the 'no required for encoder' screen.

    Many thanks.

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