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Thread: ripping cd index marks as separate tracks

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    ripping cd index marks as separate tracks

    I've known for a long time that cds with index marks exist, but have never dealt with them until today...I've got a new sound effects library cds for my studio and I'm looking for a way to split those index marks into separate tracks - think dmc's audio cd ripper can do it? or know of any program that can? as a last resort I'll probably just use dmc powerpack to split the files

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    Re: ripping cd index marks as separate tracks

    Indexes are stored in the subcodes, it is not a trivial job for a cd ripper to read them, CD ripper will not currently do it.

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    Re: ripping cd index marks as separate tracks

    This is a pretty old post. But have things changed with CD Ripper to allow ripping indexed tracks separately? The index points can be viewed with the additional columns now. But I don&*8217;t see any options to use these for ripping these splits.

    edit: I just saw another recent post that confirms this isn&*8217;t possible. Never mind.

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