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Thread: Asset Webconfig on Mac…

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    Asset Webconfig on Mac…


    Have tried to find info re this but without success, so sorry if it's been covered earlier…

    I'm running Asset on a headless MacPro and would like to connect via a browser from other machines. Can't get that to work so would appreciate any assistance. I have a vague recollection the Mac version didn't support that, so if that's the case, well……then problem solved. :-)

    Port 26125 seems to be open as I can connect over it, but nothing else happens. I only get a blank screen. Using other ports

    All I really need (usually) is to manually trigger a re-scan so if that can be done with a Terminal command I'd just as happy with that.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Re: Asset Webconfig on Mac…

    Web config feature is disabled when Asset runs with Mac GUI.

    It is possible to run with web config enabled - you have to run Asset's command-line service without the GUI; it's located inside the app bundle, under Contents/Resources/bin.

    If you're familiar with Linux version of Asset, you'll find that it behaves pretty much exactly like its Linux counterpart, other than using a different folder (~/Library/dBpoweramp instead of ~/.dBpoweramp) for profile data by default.

    I'll add an option to enable the web config in Asset GUI in a future update.

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    Re: Asset Webconfig on Mac…


    Wow, that worked a treat!! Thanks for such quick and excellent help!!

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