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Thread: dBpoweramp Image for Mac, R2.1 beta

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    dBpoweramp Image for Mac, R2.1 beta

    Current version: beta 2


    Changes since R2:
    • Improved sorting behaviors in Batch Converter. Files are previewed converted in order they appeared in Batch Converter view.
    • Added preview/original toggle in preview window.
    • Removed buggy JPEG2000 encoder - lossy mode had poor quality and bugs, lossless produced larger files than other mainstream formats such as PNG.
    • Now supports reading of Apple HEIC format files.

    Changes in beta 2:
    • Fixed watermark DSP dialogs working incorrectly on Mac OS Big Sur
    • Allow Cmd+C to copy individual messages in conversion log dialog.
    • Implemented missing Delete Source File options.
    • Prevented certain DSPs from being added more than once.
    • Remove newly added DSP if dismissed its settings dialog with an esc key.
    • Made possible to reorder DSPs with drag&drop.
    • Cleaned up overwrite prompt dialog, allowed multi selection, changed 'overwrite' button title depending on whether file name conflicts still exist.
    • Can open files or folders by drag and drop to launcher window.
    • Fixed double slash in file list converting to source folder.
    • Fixed 'Delete Source File' deleting file if conversion was canceled.
    • Batch Converter: Can now opt out of saving selected files with profiles.
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    Re: dBpoweramp Image for Mac, R2.1 beta

    Now released

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