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Thread: dBpoweramp for Mac R17.4 beta

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    dBpoweramp for Mac R17.4 beta

    This is a major refresh of the R17 series, addressing some usability issues with R17 features, Multi Encoder in particular.

    Current version: beta 5


    Changes since R17.3:
    • Added multi-checkbox selection in Batch Converter filters dialog.

    Changes in beta 2:
    • Fixed a bug preventing DSD files from being tagged if created by CD Ripper.

    Changes in beta 3:
    • Improved sorting behaviors in Batch Converter. Files are previewed converted in order they appeared in Batch Converter view.
    • Fixed duplication of album art on MP3 files having both ID3v2 and APE tags.
    • CD Ripper: New Multi Encoder entries have "use parent settings" naming by default.

    Changes in beta 4:
    • CD Ripper: New Multi Encoder entries use default CD Ripper naming pattern by default.
    • Bit Depth DSP: Fixed missing 32-bit float mode.

    Changes in beta 5:
    Changed Multi Encoder semantics!
    • REMOVED "use parent settings" for naming.
    • Master naming is disabled if Multi Encoder is selected, please configure naming per-encoder instead.
    • REMOVED master DSP settings, please configure DSP per-encoder instead.
    • If you used one of these features, your configuration will be updated on first run to comply - master naming to encoder naming, master DSPs moved to encoder DSPs. Your profiles should continue to work as they did before.

    Other changes in beta 5:
    • CD Ripper: Added 'Catalog *' to add-new-tag dropdown.
    • CD Ripper: Added secure option to mark track as error 'if not verified by accuraterip'.
    • Fixed Multi Encoder file naming possibly not respecting ID Tag Processing DSP.
    • ID Tag Processing DSP: 'delete all' and 'all except' actions are removed for file naming processing.
    • Tag editor: When searching album art from internet, track title is used if album title is not known.
    • File naming dialog no longer shows [origxxx] elements if invoked by CD Ripper.
    • New Low Pass filter code, does not attenuate lower frequencies.
    • New DSP effects: Highpass, Bandpass Filter
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    Re: dBpoweramp for Mac R17.4 beta

    Now released

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