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Thread: Metadata / Album Art

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    Metadata / Album Art

    Sorry if I'm unnecessarily starting a new thread.

    I've just started ripping to FLAC and while the metadata is showing correctly on my computer, it gets lost in the transfer to my phone (Android 9). No album art and the artist is unknown (though when I open up the file, the artist and titles are in the track list). It doesn't matter which player I use. Any suggestions?



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    Re: Metadata / Album Art

    Install foobar2000 mobile on your android phone.

    Also check the tags are in the files, right click on one >> Edit ID Tags

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    Re: Metadata / Album Art

    Hello? Anybody?

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    Re: Metadata / Album Art

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff RoTull View Post
    Hello? Anybody?

    did you try Spoon's suggestion regarding foobar2000 mobile?

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