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Thread: Show track metadata when playing from AssetUPnP

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    Smile Show track metadata when playing from AssetUPnP

    Hi all

    I have Asset 6.2 running on a Ubuntu 20LTS server, it's been running smoothly, with updates along the way, since 2012. I like that in software, no temperamental, mysterious things happening. So, I'm now wondering, can I obtain any metadata,most importantly the track, artist or just the cover art, from the server that Asset is running on. It's controlled by the iOS Infinity8, sometimes WMP. They will show me what's being played, being the control points, but I want a display on the server itself. Maybe on one of the little 7" or 10" HDMI screens that are available now. I think it'd make a nice addition, like having an LP cover out on display while its contents are played. I know Asset is meant to be headless. mine is, but the web interface is there, for a possibly easy change to put currently playing metadata on it?

    It needn't be hand holdy - I'd be quite happy with a serial code or some UR key being presented on a USB bus.. and it'd look good.

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    Re: Show track metadata when playing from AssetUPnP

    The device which does the playing has all the metadata it needs to display, as it is embedded in the audio stream as ID Tags.

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