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Thread: Cann not configure acurate rip

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    Unhappy Cann not configure acurate rip

    The program knows what drive that my computer uses and it knows that pointers are available.
    Was running v16 and cd's would load, show metadata and then eject. Usually i saw one letter or a dot at top left and hit the rescan button and the dot would disappear. Then load in the disc again and i could rip. Switched to v17 and can not rip as acurate rip won't do anything but tell me that it does not match. I put in over 10 discs. It found the data perfectly. It automatically ejects the disc and then i get the error message.

    I have a lot of work to do and this has worked great in the past, what to do to fix?

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    Re: Cann not configure acurate rip

    What exact error message is being shown?

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