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Thread: Mac Metadata Lookup

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    Mac Metadata Lookup

    I am a new dBpoweramp user on the Mac and have been impressed by the metadata lookup. I strongly encourage adding PerfectMeta capability where the input is a folder of sound files instead of a CD.

    I did an intensive search for any Mac application that can do this and found MusicBrainz Picard amd iTunes. Picard only searches MusicBrainz. I quit using iTunes years ago to play music, using Swinsian instead. The other metadat lookup apps I tried either did not function or were excedingly lame.

    The Mac world really, really needs a metadata lookup program that goes out to the popular databases. The Windows and Linux world may need that app too. I don't know.

    How people spend their software money these days, I don't know, but I would pay as much as I paid for dBpoweramp for a good metadata lookup app. I buy a lot of downloads and often the metadata is quite poor.

    If anybody has a better suggestion than Picard, let me know. I would prefer to get an app from Spoon, though.
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