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Thread: Build 17.0 will not stay on the screen

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    Build 17.0 will not stay on the screen

    Just updated to build 17.0. The previous build that I had, I think was 16.5, not sure, in any case, old build was working fine. Updated to 17.0 and rebooted, desktop shortcuts were created. When I click on dBpoweramp the GUI pops up on the screen and shows updating (greyed out)and then disappears. I uninstalled dBpoweramp, rebooted and reinstalled 17.0, same result. OS Windows 10 Pro
    The app was used frequently but with this "suggested" update it is useless!

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    Re: Build 17.0 will not stay on the screen

    Hi Beard57. Firstly, I'm not a support person; just another user like yourself.

    You might want to try this utility from the dBpoweramp Developer, that should totally remove any traces of the software. I haven't had a need to try it personally, but I believe it can solve a myriad of problems, especially ones involving 32-bit and 64-bit versions...


    * Do note though, that it will also remove "all" your settings, and possibly, but I'm not sure... your serial number and registration details from your system. You can easily recover these if you need to, by accessing the "Registration Retrieval" page here: https://www.dbpoweramp.com/registration/

    Otherwise, wait a bit, and either the Developer himself, or some knowledgeable dBpoweramp users will assist you soon. I think you'll find that they are all very helpful around here.


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    Re: Build 17.0 will not stay on the screen

    Try the latest test version here:


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