All Programs - better support for high resolutions
DSD Tagging support added
Bug Fix: Year in format YYYY-MM-DD would cause the browsing by year to put year in wrong section
if screen resolution changes and is showing maximized or too big for screen, then make maximized again
DeDup performance enhancement
Skips hidden files being indexed
Bug Fix: file rename + edit tags could corrupt the internal database
Added new Apple Core Audio Format (CAF) decoder
Added close and minimise to processing albums (Album art)
PerfectTUNES Added minimize and cancel to various processing pages
Album Art: if a custom art export filename is used (but not a dynamically created one from tags), then these will be read when program restarts and scans changes
Album Art: new setting on options page 'Separate Multi Disc Albums' allows different art to be set for disc 2, disc 3, etc on box sets



Install over the top of existing (not uninstall old) to maintain registration status.