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Thread: Change default folder naming for classical?

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    Change default folder naming for classical?

    As a relative newbie my apologies if my searches of the Forum have failed to produce the, no doubt embarrassingly simple, answer to my query.

    Many of the CDs I want to rip to my Melco N1Z via my MacAir are classical single composer discs. I am (relatively) happy with the metadata I am capturing and its order and the way in which it presents the discs in the Melco interface for playing.

    However, instead of, what I understand to be, the default folder naming convention of 'artist/album', for classical I would like the containing folder title once the disc is ripped to be in the form 'composer/album/album artist'.

    This is to make operations on the underlying folder structure on the Melco easier and to make it easier when linked to the Melco as a server via the MacAir to find individual containing folders if I want to adjust any of the metadata for the rip contained therein.

    How can I change this default folder naming convention?

    Thank you

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    Re: Change default folder naming for classical?

    Are you certain the melco is using folder names to display the listings? most use the embedded metadata in the files.

    Anyhow you would set the naming to:

    [composer]/[album]/[album artist]/[track] [title]

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    Re: Change default folder naming for classical?

    Thank you very much for the quick response. Very kind.

    What is shown in and accessible through the Melco Music HD interface is fine. I use Minimserver on the Melco and tend to go into my collection by 'genre' and then primarily either 'composer' (for classical) or 'artist' for jazz to select what to play.

    The issue is more at the file/folder structure on the Melco itself. Using the above string to rip the CD by the Ebene Quartet of Mozart's Dissonance quartet produces a 3 level file structure in the directory to which I initially rip before uploading to the Melco:

    Level/Folder 1 Mozart;
    Level/Folder 2 Mozart; Dissonance;
    Level/Folder 3 Quatuor Ebene.

    On loading that folder onto the Melco, only the 'Mozart' folder level is immediately visible when looking at the folders on the Melco. Lots of Mozart. Ideally, I would try to get a single containing folder titled: Mozart;Dissonance;Ebene.

    That way each folder on the Melco, at least at the CD level, would tell me pretty much what was in it. One could then aggregate upwards to Mozart, or Mozart quartets.

    Sorry if I was not clear originally or if this still not making sense.

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    Re: Change default folder naming for classical?

    would this get you what you want? Just play around with dynamic naming string until you get what you want.

    [composer] - [album] - [album artist]/[track] [title]


    [composer];[album];[album artist]/[track] [title]

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    Re: Change default folder naming for classical?

    Thank you very much, I will give it a go.

    Best wishes.

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