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Thread: odd metadata lookup problem (Win 10, 16.6 reference)

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    Question odd metadata lookup problem (Win 10, 16.6 reference)

    Hi - I am a long time user and have been through a couple of upgrades. Since upgrading to 16 it cured a slow metadata lookup problem I was having. Happy with that. Unfortunately it has been replaced with a different metadata look up problem. It is only finding and listing one metadata source. When reviewing I can't select individual fields from different sources. I can use "Retrieve Metadata From" and pick one source and it will replace the list with the data from the newly selected source. It means I can access any of those available only one at a time. What I can't do is cherry pick tags.

    In the review window/dialog the column headers for Freedb, discogs etc are grey and the space below is empty. The tags are present from the selected source on the left hand side as you'd expect. If I had asked it for FreeDB it only shows on the left and not under the FreeDB column. From the main window it appears to be fetching album art OK and will find other art as you'd expect (tho maybe there is an issue there too - I only tried to change it once and it didn't seem to apply the art I had selected)

    Is this an installation problem? (I just installed 16.6 over the previous version). Could just be user error or a setting maybe... only I can't spot anything. I'd be grateful for any suggestions/solutions.

    Many thanks

    (Installed dMC-R16.6-Ref-Registered.exe on Windows 10 Pro 1903 version 18362.657 5 Aug 19)
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