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Thread: CD Ripper: UI cues for metadata source

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    Question CD Ripper: UI cues for metadata source

    In CD Ripper, when I insert a disc, there's a brief tooltip that shows the metadata source(s) where the disc was found. Is there any other UI cue to let the user know where the metadata was found, aside from pressing Alt-M to open metadata reviewer? Also, is there a UI cue if no metadata is found? I realize that this will show as no track info being displayed, but sometimes retrieval can take 15+ seconds or it can be very short. It would be nice to have a prompt that quickly tells the user where the metadata was found or that none was found on the main UI.

    This might not be interesting, but...The brief tooltip will always show on the monitor where Ripper was opened, even if the app is moved to a different monitor. This makes the dialog easily missed since it dismisses itself after ~2 seconds. Further, if the user's two monitors are at a different UI scale (4K on one panel, 1080p on another for instance), the dialog is scaled for the monitor where Ripper exists when the dialog pops. Example: I have Monitor1 at 150% UI scale (open desk.cpl on Windows) and Monitor2 at 100% scale. Open Ripper on Monitor1, drag to Monitor2, and insert a disc. The metadata tooltip is displayed on Monitor1 in tiny text (shown on the 150% monitor, but scaled to 100%).

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    Re: CD Ripper: UI cues for metadata source

    Sorry there is no method to get that tooltip back. I will note the issue on multi screens.

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