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Thread: Issue with the Tags on a downloaded FLAC file

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    Issue with the Tags on a downloaded FLAC file

    I recently bought an album from Wigmore Hall Live, containing 12 files (WHLIVE0095 - ATOS Trio, Beethoven Piano Trios, Volume 2), downloaded as FLAC. The Physical CD is a double album with 8 tracks on the 1st CD and 4 on the second.

    When I copy the files to my Samsung Galaxy S9, and view the album in Samsung Music, the files are grouped into 3 - Tracks 1-8 appear under 'Disc 1', track 9, 11 and 12 appear under 'Disc 2', but Track 10 appears under 'Disc 0' (and therefore Samsung Music wants to play this first). In Amazon Music, the files are grouped into 'Disc 1' and 'Disc 2', however, the 10th file appears as the third track of Disc 1. None of the other albums on my phone specify a Disc number (either in Samsung or Amazon music apps), so I presume that the information being picked up is not the 'Disc' tag.

    Looking at the files using dBpoweramp Edit ID-Tag, the files contain a tag 'Disc', which have values of either '01/02' or '02/02', as appropiate. There is no tag in any of the files that equates to the disc numbers detected by my phone. Comparing the metadata of file 10 with that of files 9 and 11, there are no obvious discrepancies (I have attached screenshots of tracks 9 & 10, for reference)

    Any suggestions as to what this value is, and how I can reset/remove it?
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