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Thread: Ripping only 0,01 sec off a song

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    Unhappy Ripping only 0,01 sec off a song

    Hi all and happy new year.

    Im new to using DBpoweramp and the ripping function and hope that someone can help me.
    I have some problems with ripping and that is, some songs on a album, are only ripped 0,01 sec. although the fully FLAC data of the song is copied over to my NAS.

    I have tried to rip the album (with the "defect" songs)again, but with the same result.
    The dbpoweramp software is setup as the ripping guide is recommended.

    The software shows no ripping failure and all seems ok!
    The issue is seen on several ripped cds.

    My setup is as follows:

    Macbook Pro (fully updated), Synology NAS (with newest software) and Im using Google Play to access my music (later im getting a network streamer).

    Hope I hear from one of you.

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    Re: Ripping only 0,01 sec off a song

    Ensure you have no DSP Effects running.

    As a test try ripping to the local computer not nas direct.

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