I have 2 instances of Asset running on my QNAP. I have exactly the same configurations for each, except one has ReplayGain turned on and transcoding of everything to WAV, the other doesn't and all formats are As is.
The browse trees are identical. I have even used the text version of the one that works as expected (with RG) to copy-paste into the other.

All browsing works the same in each, except for these using a custom tag (set to 1 when present):

Favourites\Jukebox Album Selection
Favourites\Jukebox Track Selection
Favourite Albums**Favourites&+&1

On the RG instance, selecting "Favourites" then has one entry "1", under which are Albums and the Jukeboxes. This is as expected, and is why I have a shortcut "Favourite Albums". Selecting this instead misses out the "1" step and goes directly to the Albums etc. All good.

BUT on the other instance, selecting "Favourites" goes directly to Albums and the Jukeboxes, while selecting "Favourite Albums" results in a "Failed to load content...".

What the f is going on? This is puzzling me, it makes no sense!