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Thread: Issue with xml (xslt transformation)

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    Issue with xml (xslt transformation)


    I use xml metadata with a xslt transformation since a long time but when I updated from R14.2 to R16.6 it doesn't work anymore. After investigation I've discovered that the xml metatada file generated has a new element named encoder+ which is not name convention compliant so it's not valid and the xslt transformation failed. How can I fix that ?

    <encoder+ name="encoder+">  -compression=&quot;PCM&quot; -bits=&quot;16&quot; -freq=&quot;44100&quot; -channels=&quot;2&quot;</encoder+>
    			<Title name="Title">Sweet Love</Title>
    			<Disc name="Disc">1/1</Disc>
    			<Album name="Album">Bootleg One</Album>
    			<Artist name="Artist">William White</Artist>
    			<AlbumArtist name="Album Artist">William White</AlbumArtist>
    			<Genre name="Genre">Rock</Genre>
    			<Year name="Year">2007</Year>
    			<Label name="Label">Imusician</Label>
    			<Track name="Track">1/9</Track>
    			<Source name="Source">CD (Lossless)</Source>
    			<encoder+ name="encoder+">  -compression=&quot;PCM&quot; -bits=&quot;16&quot; -freq=&quot;44100&quot; -channels=&quot;2&quot;</encoder+>
    			<EncodedBy name="Encoded By">dBpoweramp Release 16.6</EncodedBy>
    			<Encoder name="Encoder">Wave</Encoder>
    			<EncoderSettings name="Encoder Settings">-compression=&quot;PCM&quot; -bits=&quot;16&quot; -freq=&quot;44100&quot; -channels=&quot;2&quot;</EncoderSettings>

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    Re: Issue with xml (xslt transformation)

    Use ID Tag processing DSP before the XML Writer set to delete 'encoder+'

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