To install R17 Beta, if have a registered version, install over the top of the existing version without first uninstalling to maintain registration status during the beta.



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Change Log:

Minimum supported Windows: Vista (XP no longer supported)
m4a grup tag renamed to @grp as it was causing issues for iTunes
ID3v2 COMM tag, now works again for iTunes
FLAC updated to 1.3.3
CD Ripper - art menu redesigned, new Add Additional Art menu, default actions replace main art
CD Ripper - art added from files, if PNG then left as PNG. New option in Metadata options 'Store Scanned Art as PNG'
CD Ripper - default allowed maximum album art size is now 1000x1000 and 750KB
CD Ripper - naming box shows <not required for encoder> for encoders such as multi-encoder
CD Ripper - CD Text and ISRC metadata takes preference over other providers
CD Ripper - custom ID Tags are applied now if on manual metadata review a specific provider is chosen
CD Ripper - default naming changed to
CD Ripper - default secure log saved to [rippedtopath]\Secure Ripping Log.txt
Music Converter - output to box shows <not required for encoder> for encoders such as multi-encoder
ID Tag Editor - popup suggestion now appears 1/3 to the right of the box, so as not to get in way
ID Tag Editor - resizing auto sizes the edit box
ID Tag Editor - can drag and drop art on id tag editor
ID Tag editor - supports embedding PNG album art, also resizing existing PNG stays as PNG
ID Tag editor - buttons could overlap at certain resolutions
Codec Update - Opus 1.3.1
Codec Update - m4a FDK updated to v2
Encoders added as standard: Opus, m4a AAC, m4b, Monkeys Audio (v4.81), WMA 10, Wavpack
Decoders added as standard: DSD, Speex, Ogg Vorbis, Musepack
[album][]\[MAXLENGTH]80,[track] [artist] - [title][]
New explorer right click option 'Quick Convert' which invokes the converter without showing the options page
Network share reliability fixes
Support for artist in m3u playlist
Opus files in .ogg now supported
Music Converter - can handle 64 cores
Music Converter - will use 100% of CPU capacity by default (around 20% faster encoding on a 4 core system)
All programs - added a crash reporter
CD Ripper & Music Converter handle [Multi-Encoder] internally, this allows file overwrite and proper CPU resource allocation
CD Ripper & Batch Converter: if screen resolution changes and is showing maximized or too big for screen, then make maximized again
DSD - shows 1 bit and dsd frequency in dBpoweramp Popup Info & Audio Properties page
Bug Fix: Ogg Decoder - fixed issue where ogg-flac would trigger a memory error
Bug Fix: RunIDTagsThroughDSPEffects possibly altering origfilename etc
Bug Fix: All programs - if taskbar is set to hidden, maximizing (CD Ripper, or Batch Converter) would stop it appearing