Running Release 16.6 and getting the following error when I attempt to rip to a local drive with 2.5TB free space:

Error ripping to FLAC, 'Track 3' to 'E:\Music\lossless\Phish\Rift\03 Phish - Lengthwise.flac'
Error unable to open File 'E:\Music\lossless\Phish\Rift\03 Phish - Lengthwise._' for writing. [clEncoder::BeginConversion]
Things I have tried:
- Manually created a folder and text file in the destination path/folder successfully
- Ran CD Ripper as admin
- Tried all three 'When Ripping' settings in CD Ripper's Options

Are there other troubleshooting options that I could try? I have searched the forum and have found many threads with solutions that aren't relevant to my setup.