So I've started to rip my collection around 200cd's for now

In the secure mode

1/4 have innacurate....20% off those are secure

1/6 have a error message

those errors or innacurate track, don't save in my music file.
do I have the option off forcing the track to save anyway?

let say I would like to be abble to keep to ones that are innacurate but let delete the ones that mark error.

without having to re rip my cd in Burst mode

this would save me time.

I'm not sure my ? is clear enough....english is a little bit difficult for me.

The point is, I would still like to see what's happening with the cd quality but without having to rip it 2 times.

I would like to keep my cd's even when they are not perfect.
it's not a problem for me if one day I have a file that does'nt read well...

but for sure seing one that have multiple errors I would not save it.

thank you