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Thread: for Classical music lovers: how did you classified?

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    Jul 2019

    for Classical music lovers: how did you classified?

    Would you guys that have experience and classified "classical music" post how you did it please?

    do you have no folders and read music as you chose to save it?
    Do you have one folder per composer?
    Do you have one folder per composer + subfolders : one for sonatas, one for cantatas, one for concerto, and so on?
    Anything else I do not see? (god forbid)

    ...and thank you ...sincerely.

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    Sep 2019

    Re: for Classical music lovers: how did you classified?

    I have questions similar to DeleterMann.

    I am gearing up to rip a large collection of classical music CDs to FLAC. Getting the meta-data right is especially tricky with classical music. I selected dBpoweramp's CD ripper mainly because it seemed to have the most robust tools for assigning meta-data.

    So far, it is doing OK, but it sometimes it puts tracks from a disk into folders by performer and sometimes by composer. I am afraid this will cause me grief later. (Currently, I plan to upload the whole collection to VOX's cloud and play them from VOX Player via SONOS to speakers throughout the house.)

    So, the question is how best to organize these files, and how best to do it with dBpoweramp's CD ripper? I would rather not have to manually review and edit the meta-data that CD ripper assigns to each disk.

    A corollary question: when the software matches the CD incorrectly, it seems I should be able to correct that before ripping by manually entering the Label and identifier (of the CD cover). I haven't been able to get that to work. Another way?

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