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Hey... I saved on my external drive under a folder called: DBPowerAmp. The music saved is called: Albinoni/cantata/title/conductor.m4a. (12 of them) I did not create a folder called Albinoni.
Q; IF I create a folder called albinoni in DBPowerAmp folder, and move the music from DBPowerAmp folder, to Albinoni folder is that going to "Fup" the DBP application?
Is Albioni the composer or performer? This was likely created automatically from your dynamic name settings. How do you *want* your files organized, and what does your current dynamic naming setting look like (lower left of ripper scureen, row under Path called "Naming" click on SET and post the code here.* Post your desired organization and then your current setting and we can help you with that. And you can move the files around after ripping in any way you want (change the names, move to different folders, etc.) and this won't affect the content of the files.

*here's an example of mine. (but this is certainly not good for classical).
[MAXLENGTH]240,[IFCOMP]Compilations\[album] [IFMULTI] \Disc [disc][]\[track] - [title] - [artist][][IF!COMP][IFVALUE]album artist,[album artist],[artist][]\[album][IFMULTI] \Disc [disc][]\[track] - [title][][]