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Thread: Unsolved problem: dbpoweramp can not rip cd's with manufacturing errors

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    Unsolved problem: dBpoweramp can not rip cd's with manufacturing errors

    Hello everybody out in this world!
    I think every user of dBpoweramp nows about this. You have a cd in mint condition. You rip this cd and everthing looks fine, until you listen to this cd.
    And you hear for exampel a short drop out. Because the cd was ripped without any problems, and is playable on a cd player without error, it must be a
    manufacturing error on the master. To buy the cd again, or to try another external cd drive will be worthless. When will dBpoweramp solve this problem?
    I think its a shame that a modern software cannot handle this kind of errors, for example with a special rip modus who don't use AccurateRip and instead
    interpolates errors like a cd player.
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