So, I've been ripping a bunch of CDs and the files of discs with tracks that can't be ripped accurately I've been setting aside (i.e. not putting the files in my main library) so that I can take a better look at the discs later on.

Now, a few days I ago I realized I accidentally moved the wrong disc, but I wasn't sure which one so I googled if there's a tool to bulk check flac files to accuraterip. And I found Cuetools. So, I dumped my files into Cuetools and sure enough I find the disc. However... Where dBpoweramp reports 1 track which couldn't be accurately ripped, according to Cuetools all the flac files (the whole disc) aren't accurate.

Why is there a discrepancy between dBpoweramp and Cuetools if they're using the same Accuraterip database?