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Thread: dBpoweramp Music Converter for Mac, version R16.6 beta

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    dBpoweramp Music Converter for Mac, version R16.6 beta

    R16.6 beta continues where R16.5 beta was abandoned - R16.5 stable was made from a different code branch adding bug fixes on top of R16.4 codebase.
    Current version: R16.6 beta 9

    Notable differences from R16.5 stable:
    • Supports Mac OS Mojave Dark Mode
    • Lowest supported Mac OS version is 10.10 "Yosemite". OSX Mavericks no longer supported.

    Changes since R16.5 beta 3:
    • FDK AAC encoder version 2.0
    • Opus encoder version 1.3
    • Fixed a HTTP client bug causing some album art lookups to fail.
    • Added prompt before deleting a Converter profile.

    Changes in beta 2:
    • Changed M4A "grouping" tag mapping; the old version caused iTunes to be unable to edit tags on files that dBpoweramp created.
    • MP3 "comments" tag no longer becomes "comment s"

    Changes in beta 3:
    • Fixed missing logs when ripping multi disc albums with multi encoder; only log from the first disc would get written and logs from other discs would not get appended.
    • Fixed UI glitches with the CD Ripper metadata cache size setting; the setting would not get saved if the dialog was dismissed with the editbox focused.

    Changes in beta 4:
    • Amended window position remembering logic to behave better on multi-monitor setups

    Changes in beta 5:
    • Added beta update checks: when running a beta version, the launcher will tell you if there is a newer beta available; clicking the link will take you directly to the downloads ( = this forum thread ).

    Changes in beta 6:
    • Added CD-Text reading.

    Changes in beta 7:
    • Fixed a regression causing COMMENT tag to be written to ID3v2 TXXX rather than COMM.

    Changes in beta 8:
    • Opus encoder version 1.3.1.
    • Updated code signing, should now run correctly on Mac OS Catalina.

    Changes in beta 9:
    • Fixed CR Ripper meta table not working correctly on Mac OS Mojave.
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