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Thread: When submitting better tags to FreeDB

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    When submitting better tags to FreeDB

    How does it know to overwrite what is already on the database? Or does it create a new entry/option when the next person rips the disc to use either the old tags or the ones I submitted?

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    Re: When submitting better tags to FreeDB

    I am not 100% sure freedb takes replacements.

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    Re: When submitting better tags to FreeDB

    I recall that the actual freedb database is accessible and searchable online. I recall looking at some entries in it. You could submit an update and see if and how it appears in the database.

    It was some time ago so I don't remember what I had to do to access it, but Google (and other search engines) are your friend. I'm sure that is how I found the information.

    I did find that the format of the database is very simple, some of the weird display results result from the simplicity. For instance, I recall they use a slash (/) as the delimiter between the track title and artist, so if you have a slash in the entered (I think) artist field, when you display it in dBpoweramp, everything after the slash ends up in the title (or maybe it's the other way around, I looked into this aeons ago...)

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