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Thread: Portable optical drive stack for parallel ripping

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    Portable optical drive stack for parallel ripping

    I am looking for a transportable ripping solution that allows me to rip min. 4 CDs in parallel.
    I am specifically not looking at a nimbie type solution, as that one only rips one CD at once. I am looking for the speed benefit of ripping several CDs in parallel.

    What I have in mind is something along the following lines:

    • Laptop running dbpoweramp batch ripper
    • optical drive tower with min 4 optical drives that can be connected to laptop via USB3 (something along the lines of an Addonics ST5DVREU3, which does not seem to be available anymore)

    Is anyone aware of an optical drive tower of this sort, that is readily available? Does anyone have any practical experience with this sort of setup? As I see it the optical drives should be recognized by batch ripper as individual drives which should to away with potential compatibility issues.
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    Re: Portable optical drive stack for parallel ripping

    You might need to take 4 usb wires from the laptop, rather than use a hub, cd drives seem to be able to block the whole usb port when doing certain things.

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