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Thread: Batch Ripper stopps at N-1 disks

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    Batch Ripper stopps at N-1 disks

    I have a computer with dual CD drives. Both are configured in dbpoweramp with auto-eject. When I am ripping multiple disks, usually audiobooks, I set the number of disks in the header, and run both simultaneously -- Odds in one drive and evens in the other. When the last disk is ripped the batch ends. This has worked well for years.

    However several months ago (mabe the same time as the Win_10 spring upgrade?), the batch started ending at N-1 disks, leaving the last CD unripped. I don't know if this is a windows issue, a dbPoweramp configuration problem or a bug.

    Any advice on resolution?

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    Re: Batch Ripper stopps at N-1 disks

    If it reliably does this, then set the discs to rip as N+1

    The detailed log might show something on this, try a much smaller number of discs to rip, say 4 and see what happens.

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