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Thread: Error rip on tracks longer than approximately 5.5 minutes

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    Error rip on tracks longer than approximately 5.5 minutes

    Hello everyone,

    Just started transferring my cd's to flac and have come across an interesting issue. Most of the discs I rip do so well sometimes with occasional errors but what I've noticed is that anytime there is a track longer than about 5.5 minutes, I get an error rip. Example: Miles Davis, Kind of Blue- all tracks with error except track 3 which is 5:37 minutes long.

    I've followed all the instructions on setting up the ripper. I have disabled read into lead in/lead out because I noticed that the drive would hang on the last track of all CD's. In the secure ripping options I've enabled ultra secure and 1,2,1 settings are in place. I let dbpoweramp detect my drives cache and it recommended I leave it blank-possilby because this is an older LG super multi blue? I also allowed dbpoweramp to detect the drives c2 error ability and followed the recommended settings.

    I am on a MAC running Mojave.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Re: Error rip on tracks longer than approximately 5.5 minutes

    What exact error is show?

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    Re: Error rip on tracks longer than approximately 5.5 minutes

    90% of the time I get a simple "error" message on the confirmation line. Since the first post, I've been messing around with the C2 settings and tried ripping with it disabled. I noticed that the longer tracks are now being ripped ok although I still get an occasional "error." I rarely also get a AR( )insecure message but again, that is rare. I'm guessing my drive does C2 correction but not well thus this issue, could that be it?

    Side questions: What is the appropriate step to take when I do get an "error" return with C2 detection disabled?
    Does this situation mean that I should rip initially with C2 on and then disable it if the rip returns too many errors?

    Thanks again.

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