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Thread: Re-installing - For the best result

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    Re-installing - For the best result

    I've re-installed Windows 7 (flushing Windows 10), and I wish to re-install dBpoweramp to its optimum way (esp. making sure I can also play FLAC, which didn't play before re-installing Windows 7). Here is what I paid for with illustrate:

    dBpoweramp Music Converter R16.4 (Registered)
    dBpoweramp Reference R15.3 (Family Pack)
    dBpoweramp Reference R14.4 (Single PC)
    dBpoweramp Reference R14.4 (Single PC)

    Having this, should I first re-install "dBpoweramp Reference R15.3 (Family Pack)" and then upgrade by re-installing "dBpoweramp Music Converter R16.4 (Registered)"? Would doing this result in dBpoweramp being to its optimum? Or do I need to get a newer upgrade that I'm missing?

    I love this player, and I hope that I can set it up to its optimum potential. Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Re: Re-installing - For the best result

    dBpoweramp Reference isn't a player. It is an Audio Converter, CD Ripping and tagging software.

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    Re: Re-installing - For the best result

    R15 Reference is more featured than your 'dBpoweramp Music Converter R16.4 (Registered)' which is the old Power Pack (and will allow R17, R18). It does not support secure ripping, or metadata other than freedb.

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