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Thread: I am snowed

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    I am snowed

    I purchased dBpoweramp to enable me to transfer my audiobooks from CD to USB drive and listen to them when I travel. As soon as I bought dBpoweramp and downloaded it and then the problem began. I ripped my first CD and couldn't find the files that were ripped. Where did they go and/or how do I go about finding them. I am not a computer dummy and I've downloaded other programs and used them but this one has me confused. I couldn't find how to get a user guide, couldn't figure out how to find the ripped files and basically didn't know how to use the program. I need help and I can't even find out where to go for help so I'm trying this. Is there a telephone help line?

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    Re: I am snowed

    on almost every page of the program you'll see a "?" in a circle next to certain items. Clicking on these will take you to appropriate help pages. Also see these links:

    Regarding where are the ripped files, they will be wherever you indicated they should go in the destination settings. On the CD Ripper page (when you are ripping a CD), look to the lower left corner. There is a place to set your parent drive/folder for the rips and a place to set the dynamic naming string (for use in how you want things named and organized by folder and subfolder). See pic:

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    Re: I am snowed

    To find out where your files are, rip a CD, then click Rip again to re-rip it, the overwrite page shows detailing exactly the path and filenames.

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