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Thread: Asset issue with HiBy Music Player on ios 11

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    Asset issue with HiBy Music Player on ios 11

    The HiBy Music Player app has a feature that allows it to connect to a DLNA server on the LAN. My Windows 10 machine running Asset v. 6.1 is the server. I want to stream my Hi-Res library to my iPhone without having to go through iTunes and add the .flac and .dsf files to the phone's storage. My wifi connection has a bandwidth of about 80-100 Mbits/sec

    When I connect the app to Asset, I can browse Artist names, Album names and Genres and the results exactly match the names and genres that are in my music folders on the Win10/Asset machine.

    However, when I open an album or an artist or a genre to select tracks to play, the track list is always empty.

    The only time I ever see any tracks are when I select Jukebox from the top-level Asset menu. In that case I get a few tracks but never any more than 4 or 5.

    I've tried restarting Asset. I've not tried re-scanning the entire library because it takes so long to go through all my music files.

    Has anyone ever seen this kind of issue with this app, or with any other app or device? Does the described behavior give anyone any ideas where the communication between the app and Asset breaks down? I suspect this is an issue with the app, since Asset works as expected on my Marantz AVR and my Oppo BD Player. But I'd like to get some useful information that I can give HiBy support when I report this issue to them.


    EDIT: I was finally able to see some tracks under the [Title]/[All Titles] heading. But only 231 of about 3500 tracks. And if I exit and relaunch the app, I get the same 231 tracks again.
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    Re: Asset issue with HiBy Music Player on ios 11

    The player is not compatible with your main library audio type, what are those files? FLAC?

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    Re: Asset issue with HiBy Music Player on ios 11

    They are all FLAC and DSF.

    Thank you for asking about the file type. Your question made me check the Audio Format Streaming settings, and the option "as is single" solved the problem completely! When the setting was the default "as is", the player saw the limited number of FLAC files as MP3 files. The MP3 option didn't work, either.

    All the DSF and FLAC files now play as expected.


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