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Thread: Proper path setting

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    Proper path setting

    Day two of using cd ripper and I have done fairly well ripping 10 CDs to my WD NAS. I use windows 7 and my goal is to archive my CDs using FLAC on the NAS and make another mp3 copy on my C: drive using the windows file structure (My Music) for playing with media player and syncing with my android phone. I have decided to use the CD ripper multi encoder to do the ripping simultaneously. I set up the naming based on an article published by Carlton Bale at carltonbale.com as follows:

    [IFCOMP][IFVALUE]album artist,[album artist],Various Artists[]\[year] [album]\[IFMULTI] Disc [disc] [][track] [artist] [title][][IF!COMP][IFVALUE]album artist,[album artist],[artist][]\[year] [album]\[IFMULTI] Disc [disc] [][track] [title][]

    I set the output for mp3 files to: Music\SourcePath\SourceFilename. For the FLAC I used: \\Wdmycloud\music\SourcePath\SourceFilename. The result was my mp3 ripped files ended up in: C:\Users\Tom\Music\music\Artist\Album. My FLAC files ended up in: \\Wdmycloud\music\music\Artist\year\Title. Ultimately I would like to clean things up so my mp3 files end using the standard window convention in the My Music folder with my other music files, and my FLAC files are located on my NAS in a folder located under \\Wdmycloud\Music\Artist\Album\year. Would someone please save me the agony of using the trial and error process to correct my errors?
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Proper path setting

    Hey majtom,

    you just have to change the Base Location. Just let the Base Location point to the parent directory and do not use SourcePath or SourceFolder. Those tags are usefull for the converting process, but not the ripping process.

    Dat Ei

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