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Thread: WAV tags invisible in any other program

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    WAV tags invisible in any other program

    Hello Forum,

    I've been using dBPoweramp for years to tag big amounts of WAV files. I'm using the Windows Explorer shell right-click "Edit ID-Tag" function. It seems to be working normal when I use it, but now the tags edited and shown in dBpoweramp do not show up in ANY other program - not in the Windows Explorer, not in audio players, not in DAWs. Only dBpoweramp shows them. What is wrong? It worked perfectly for years. I recently bought the R16, but also with re-installing R15 I'm having no luck. Can anybody help?

    Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Re: WAV tags invisible in any other program

    Check the Control Centre >> Audio Codec Options >> id tagging for wave should be set to 'id3 and list'

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