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Thread: Naming and file directory structure

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    Naming and file directory structure

    I am developing a workflow to use Batch Ripper to rip our Community Radio station library into flac, properly tagged, and organized by Album Artist\Album\tracks. The problem I need to solve is related to multiple disc albums. When ripping discs one at a time you can set the naming convention appropriately on a disc by disk basis to append ", Disk *" so that the music files do not reside in the same directory as just Album Name. This cannot be done as far as I can tell using batchripper. It would be nice if we could specify globally to use the , Disc* automatically for all multdisc CDs other wise I will have to pull them out and do them one at a time. Any suggestions.

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    Re: Naming and file directory structure

    Click Metadata button 'Multi CD Add disc to Album'

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