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Thread: Asset R6.1 beta for Mac/Linux

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    Asset R6.1 beta for Mac/Linux

    A beta version of Asset R6.1 for Mac & Linux has is available for testing.

    Current version: R6.1 beta 9

    <now released>

    Changes since R6:
    • Fixed ugly Asset device image due to outdated included image.
    • Fixed missing album art for some folders when browsing by filenames & folders.
    • Fixed "download configuration dump" feature giving wrong data on embedded Linux (QNAP and other NAS types).
    • Search changes merged from Windows codebase.

    Changes in beta 2
    • Better handling of ../ relative paths in playlists.
    • Fixed mishandling of UTF-8 BOM in M3U8 playlists.
    • Better response to entering an invalid path in media/playlists folder configuration.
    • Added visible feedback when there's not enough free space in Asset's data folder.

    Changes in beta 3
    • Fixed web configuration glitches.
    • Fixed download configuration dump giving nonsense on embedded Linux... previous fix wasn't quite working as it should. *sigh*

    Changes in beta 4
    • Prevented the same criteria under "Additional" from being selected more than once.
    • Fixed for specific devices such as LG TV hammering Asset and causing excess memory usage.

    Changes in beta 5
    • Playlist manipulation fixes.
    • Made specified playlist folders indexed recursively.
    • Prevented 'playlists' root browse tree entry from disappearing when no playlists currently reside directly in the specified folders.
    • LAME updated to 3.100
    • libvorbis updated to 1.3.6

    Changes in beta 6
    • Fixed missing playlists after manual editing of browse tree text.
    • Various debug logging refinements to aid with future debugging.

    Changes in beta 7
    • Fixed lockup when trying to stream non existent files without decoding/reencoding.
    • Fixed extreme memory usage when a client walks a large shuffle-tracks folder in small steps (encountered with LG TV).

    Changes in beta 8
    • Improved reading of ArtistSort, AlbumSort etc values from various file formats. We now accept either spelling of the field name, "artist sort" (with space) or "artistsort" (without space) and so on.
    • QNAP packaging and folder structure cleanups - no more config data in bin folder, smaller distribution size.
    • File naming cleanups, removed "trial" which confused some people - installing trial or beta over registered always results in Asset functioning as registered.

    Changes in beta 9
    • Fixed missing DoP option for DSD files.
    • Added support for new QNAP devices with 64-bit ARM processors, TS-128A and similar.

    Registered / unregistered status
    Beta versions will act as registered if you install them on top of a registered install; as trial otherwise.
    The above is also valid for regular trial versions.
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