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Thread: This is no Music Match

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    Re: Take this off your web site!

    OK so done that, with some effort and surely that should not be the case for a user, and have dBpoweramp CD writer open.
    Now the trouble is getting a music file into that window. I think i am going to die of old age
    have tried dragging, copying and pasting and so on to no avail.
    If I can get this, kicking and dragging into working, I will not want a refund. Just-want- to-make music CDs

    Got it - took enough time. Better late than never though..
    Just have to test it in the GTD
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    Re: Take this off your web site!

    Spent nearly all day, on and off, trying to write music CDs and to no avail.
    Car can't read it, and on my old hi fi it comes out with tonnes of static and hiss and god knows what
    The CD writer software does NOT work even if you get the software working.
    Christ it was never like this some years ago...............
    Why the heck is it so difficult to make software to write CDS
    Just Google MusicMatch and look how many people miss that trivial, good looking and dead easy to use software

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    Re: Take this off your web site!

    So finally money back please it does not work for making CDs

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    Re: Take this off your web site!

    If you are open to the truth...

    The CD-R type you are using is incompatible with your Hifi and car, so it would not matter what program was used. It has nothing to do with CD Writer, to prove this, place the CD in your Windows computer and have Windows Media player play the CD, it will play it fine.

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