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Thread: TuneFUSION Discussions

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    Re: TuneFUSION Discussions

    Quote Originally Posted by mville View Post
    Whenever I am on the Audio Formats & Naming page and I select:
    Re-encode Lossy As = mp3 (Lame)
    Mode = Variable Bit Rate (VBR)
    Quality = -V 1 [estimated 220kbps]

    If I click the Advanced button, TuneFUSION window is greyed out and in Task Manager, TuneFUSION is Not Responding, CPU is at 10-12% and remains like this, indefinitely.
    This is still an issue with the new beta 4 release.

    ... Please note. I have added C:\Program Files\TuneFUSION\* to my Avast anti-virus exclusions.
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