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Thread: TuneFUSION Discussions

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    Re: TuneFUSION Discussions

    Uh, testing. I made a lengthy post reporting an issue, and it got deleted all of a sudden after I edited it. If it's really lost, well that's discouraging.

    If it doesn't happen again I'll edit this and add back what I wanted to say.

    Edit: Ah, was it because I included a reference link? Sigh.


    Ok, the issue happened syncing with foobar2000 after overriding the default destination folder. It works well when I use the default, but I don't want to use the default one (where is this getting stored at anyways?).

    When I define another folder, TuneFUSION only transfer one song per artist. That is, I end up with a bunch of folders that have just one track inside each.

    Log only says Unable to Transfer for each not transferred song. This is the issue.

    That said, there's another issue I see coming and I wanted to give the heads up.,There are albums that have many songs named the same and by the same artist (go to vgmdb and check album 225 for an example). I figure this will become an issue if unaddressed.

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