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Thread: Problems with CD Ripper 16 Mac

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    Question Problems with CD Ripper 16 Mac

    I have been successfully using dbpoweramp CD Ripper 15 for the past several months.

    I have a mid-2010 iMac, 27-inch, running MacOS Sierra 10.12.4. I upgraded to Version 16 a few days ago and today I tried to rip a CD. I launched CD Ripper and then inserted the CD into the internal drive. Nothing happened. The program still indicated that there was no CD in the drive. I tried to select the drive via the popup menu but the menu did not display the drive. After a very long delay, the CD's tracks displayed, and the app started searching for metadata but then froze. The indication was that there was no Accurate Rip, but apparently AccurateRip was not configured, and I get the feeling that the configuration was not transferred from Version 15 to Version 16. I checked the documentation on configuring the app, and one of the things I have to do is select a CD drive, but the program won't let me.

    Are there bugs in Version 16 for the Mac, or am I missing something? If this is discussed in a previous post, I apologize.


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    Re: Problems with CD Ripper 16 Mac

    AccurateRip configures automatically, there is nothing to do. Check your security software is not blocking dBpoweramp from accessing the internet, and test with a popular CD.

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    Re: Problems with CD Ripper 16 Mac

    The problem I'm having is even before the program tries to access the Internet. I insert a CD into my computer's internal optical drive, which has been working fine on dppoweramp 15.x, and dbpoweramp 16 doesn't recognize it. It says that there is no CD in the drive, and the popup menu does not display the drive so I cannot select it.

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    Re: Problems with CD Ripper 16 Mac

    The problems I was having were while I was trying to rip a 5-CD set on Erato of the music of French composer Henri Dutilleux. Taking Spoon's advice, I took a CD I had already ripped on dbpoweramp 15 of the Bruno Walter recording on Sony Classical of the Beethoven 9th Symphony, and I inserted it into the drive. It was recognized right away by dbpoweramp 16, which put up the metadata. Okay, so I ejected that disc and re-inserted Disc 1 of the Dutilleux set. It came up right away with all the metadata, and displayed as an Accurate Rip with a confidence level of 6. It ripped without any problems, as did the remaining 4 discs in the set. Why it didn't work the first time, I don't know.

    Perhaps, this only goes to show that Beethoven is more popular than Dutilleux . . .

    Thanks for your tip!

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