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Thread: Question about "Eject After Rip" option

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    Question about "Eject After Rip" option

    If I was to set the "Eject After Rip" option to "Eject only if Accurate" and the CD was NOT IN the accuraterip database, would it eject it if it's "secure"? I essentially want it to ONLY eject CD's that ARE IN the accuraterip database IF AND ONLY IF they match the result in the accuraterip database (as in, if they're in the accuraterip database and it only gives me a "secure" result, I DO NOT want it to eject it), and eject CD's that are "secure" IF AND ONLY IF they're NOT IN the accuraterip database.

    Help would be appreciated.
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    Re: Question about "Eject After Rip" option

    If only if Accurate is selected then it ejects only if accuraterip verifies.

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