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Thread: Flac to MP3 conversion and retaining artwork

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    Flac to MP3 conversion and retaining artwork

    Apologies if there is an answer to this already - I couldn't find :(

    So i have converted all my flac music w/i embedded artwork to MP3. All looked fine in that the artwork seemed to be retained/embedded in the MP3 files. MusicBee and DBPA definitely seeing the artwork.

    I then added the MP3 files to iTunes but the artwork is not showing up. MP3Tag can't see either. Digging a bit more it seems that the conversion didn't embed the artwork in ID3v2 (empty) :(

    How do i get DBPA Batch Converter to do that? Am happy to reconvert it all again. Do i use the ID Tag Utility codec somehow while converting?


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    Re: Flac to MP3 conversion and retaining artwork

    Found the answer I think. Will try tonight


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