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Thread: UPnP control point for IOS & Windows

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    UPnP control point for IOS & Windows

    Hi, I believe there are no serious control points anymore for IOS or Windows, except Linn Kazoo and this one still needs a lot of improvement.
    Until recently, I was using Chorus HD and Songbook Lite, both seems to be dead : the creator of Chorus HD is deceased and the SongBook webpage
    is nowhere to be found.
    Furthermore, I would need recent versions because they don't work correctly or at all anymore with the latest IOS (9.3.5 or 10)
    and Linn Davaar.
    I also checked Android apps, but these are all rudimentary.
    I wonder why the development of Asset Control has been abandoned.
    My big music collection is well indexed with Asset UPnP but a custom control point app would be interesting.
    Or could anyone recommend another app, sufficiently sophisticated to browse tens of thousands music files?

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    Re: UPnP control point for IOS & Windows

    Hi JFP,
    I have been using Foobar2000 and Mediamonkey as control points. Foobar2000 works well to other foobar2000 instances or linux/android based players and Mediamonkey work better on the one non-computer based player I have. Mediamonkey's interface could offer better customisation and minimisation, but it's acceptable.
    I couldn't find any decent programs for this and even considered writing my own.

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