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Thread: Dual log files for multi-encode?

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    Dual log files for multi-encode?


    I've been using dBpoweramp for many a year now and NEVER had a fault with it.

    I'm currently ripping a few hundred CD's using the multi-encode function, and everything is going without a problem. Yay!

    I've got things encoding to .aif and mp3 320. I've set up the rules for different folder structures, etc all to my liking.

    So anywho, my question is the following:

    Is it possible to generate two log files from the encode? Ideally so I can have one in the root of the .aif folder as well as the .mp3 folder?

    many thanks & awesomes in advance.

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    Re: Dual log files for multi-encode?

    Only 1 ripping log file is created sorry.

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