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Thread: Rip SACD?

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    Rip SACD?


    I just managed to purchase a Playstation 3 with the right firmware to rip my great collection sacd's. Are there people among the members who know how to get there? I underrstand that dbpoweramp can not be used for this goal, which i regret. Am i right?
    For that person who can help me to achieve my goal i have a pretty good filled bankaccount...if you like.

    Kind regards

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    Re: Rip SACD?

    Read the .pdf found here: Ted's SACD Ripping Guide

    ... and you are correct, dBpoweramp cannot rip the SACD hi-res layer, only the CD layer (if it has one).
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    Re: Rip SACD?

    Hi Foppie - I would be happy to help. I too use a PS3 to rip my SACD's. Totally agree with mville about reading Ted's guide first.

    It's probably easier if you post your specific questions and then the community can help you.

    Have fun.

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    Re: Rip SACD?

    Easier done with a Pioneer or Oppo BD player. Works with current firmware and probably cost less than a restored older gen PS3.


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